Saturday, 30 June 2012

Portfolio - June Updates


Quantity Done Price Fees Market Pice Market Value DPU (1Q2012) Realized P/L Unrealized P/L Overall Yield
Starhill Global REIT 4000 S$0.625 S$28.02 S$0.665 S$2660 1.07c $164.80 S$103.89 10.51%
Cache Logistics Trust 3000 S$0.97 S$28.23 S$1.050 S$3150 2.086c $250.54 S$183.41 14.63%

Performance compared to STI

STI 3.82%
Starhill Global REIT 6.40%
Cache Logistics Trust 1.45%
Overall 3.66%

Vertical axis of the chart shows the percentage changes of stock/index prices compared to the preceding month. As seen from the chart, both Starhill and Cache tend to outperform STI when it is experiencing negative % change, while under performing during times when STI is experiencing positive % change. This might be an indication of the defensive nature and low volatility of the 2 counters and together with the quarterly dividends payout, it had offered my portfolio a stable return during this volatile period. During the previous month update, I mentioned that Im planning to close my position wtih Starhill, however after some thoughts, I have decided against it. Selling Starhill @S$0.660 will help me gain only 2 quarters worth of dividends and seeing that there isnt any counters with prices that attract me currently, it means that the fund will go back to my passbook savings account and earn a miserable interest rate of maybe 0.1%. Also, there are not much changes to the fundamentals compared to when I first bought the counter, hence I have decided to leave it alone for the time being. Furthermore, I still have some excess opportunity funds, so there is no rush selling Starhill off.    

Side note:
The statistics and economics double major program have finally accepted my application. =)

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  1. those are impressive grades from your previous entries you have there to most people. congrats on the double major program too! it'll only get more mentally strenuous and really hard to juggle studies, blogging and investing i guess.

    All the best in both your studies and your investing journey.