Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Academic Update AY2012/13 Sem 01

This semester's workload was one of the lightest so far. Content wise, most of the modules are manageable with the exception of GEK2503, which I got no idea what is going on most of the time (My geography sux). Managed to pull up my CAP slightly from 4.65 to 4.73 and I'm hopeful for a second Dean's List. :)

ST1131 Introduction to Statistics A-
MA1101R Linear Algebra I A
MA1102R Calculus A
EC1301 Principles of Economics A
GEK1508 Einstein's Universe and Quantum Weirdness A

CS1010 Programming Methodology A-
ST2131 Probability B
MA2108 Mathematical Analysis I B+
EC2102 Macroeconomic Analysis I A
PC1322 Understanding the Universe A+

ST2132 Mathematical Statistics A+
ST2137 Computer Aided Data Analysis A+
EC2101Microeconomics Analysis I A
LSM1302Gene and SocietyA+
GEK2503 Remote Sensing for Earth Observation A-

MC 60
CAP 4.73

Although a lot of seniors had warned me about the difficulty of  this module, it is in fact not as difficult as I thought it would be. This is probably because the lecturer Dr Lim Chingway had watered the module down. His Mid terms was easy (Very similar to tutorial questions) and the Finals was very do-able. Be diligent in doing his tutorials plus some additional practices from the textbook and you will be fine.

Mid-Term mean-median: 27.17-29 (/40)

This module will introduce a lot of concepts from all over the place. But do not be worried if you are new to these concepts as only basic understanding is required. The main focus is using the softwares to compute statistics. 3 programs will be taught (R,SPSS & SAS) and might be a little confusing initially due to the different syntax of the 3 programs. Mid term was extremely easy and Dr David Chew is really lenient in his marking. Final is much more challenging, but if you had taken CS1010 before, you will have a distinct advantage as the grade differentiater requires u to be able to code something that you will never expect and wouldn't probably prepared yourself for. Dr David Chew will provide one sample paper for both mid-term and finals. Do practice them as the format of the actual test closely resemble the sample paper.

Taught by Dr Zhang Yang, a new lecturer. Content is very light, and second half of the module is some-what an analog of the first half, so if you understand the first half of the module, it means you also understand most of the concepts from the second half. Mid term was extremely easy, in fact, I think it was easier than the homework she set. So, try to score full marks for it. There were 36 students who scored full mark. Finals was much more challenging, and really test on your understanding of concepts.

Mid-Term mean-median: 87.17-90 (/100)

Overall an interesting module which provide foundational knowledge of genes and introduces some of the current research in the field and the controversies arising from it. Personally, I have never taken a single biology class before, so the learning curve can be quite steep especially with the number of jargon thrown at you. However, once you are past that stage (which require considerable amount of effort), everything will be easily comprehensible.

Worse module I have ever took. Both of the lecturers cannot really teach. Always try to cramp more contents than possible within the lecture hrs and rush through it. People with geography background should have some advantage as we are required to look at images and identify some landscapes and their features most of the time. And if you are color blind (like me) DON'T EVER TAKE IT. There was a project which carries quite a lot of weight-age as well, and it was extremely time consuming.

If anyone would like to have materials such as lecture notes or tutorials for any of the modules that I have taken before, you may access them through this link: NUS Modules.


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