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Stats + Econs Freshman Guide Part III

Recommended Module Progression

As mentioned in one of the previous part in the freshman guide, a double's major's curriculum consists of mainly EC or ST modules. You should aim to clear as many low level modules ASAP in order to unlock higher level modules. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation whereby you can only take 1 or 2 core mod in a semester because the others are locked. Do keep in mind that some of the modules are offered every semester while others may only be offered once per academic year. There are even modules that will be offered once every 2 academics years.

Below is the recommended module path which I will recommend. Only the core modules are listed. Fill in some non-core requirement and ensure that you take at least 5 modules per semester so that you can graduate within 4 years.

Year 1, Semester 1


There are not many choices of core modules you can take in your first semester. So, just fit in as many core modules as you can. Among the four, priority should be given to MA1102R and EC1301 as they unlock some of the higher level modules which you can take in semester 2. For those who are not confident in your math, you should also try to fit in MA1101R and take advantage of your ‘gradeless’ first semester

Year 1, Semester 2


MA2108 is a nightmare for me. There is an alternative to this module, MA2311, but I am not sure how the difficulty compares. I heard from my friends that MA2311 is easier but they are only offered in semester 1, so if you choose the alternative, you might have to wait till year 2 sem 1.
 ST2131 unlocks ST2132 and ST3131 which unlocks most of the higher level modules, so you should clear it as soon as possible. 

While you can take CS1010 any time during your 4 years in NUS, I highly recommend you to take this module in your first year. As a statistics major, you will inevitably be required to write some codes for your higher level modules. This module will train you to think from a programmer perspective which will be highly useful for modules such as ST2137. 

Lastly, you can try to include an EC210X in this semester, but the chance of getting it is slim. 

Year 2, Semester 1


ST2132, ST3131, EC2101 and EC2102 unlock most of the higher level module, so you should take them now. 

ST2137 will be one of the most useful modules you ever take in NUS. It teaches you how to use some of the statistical programing languages that are popular both in the academia and the industry. Pay special attention to R as you will be using it a lot of the rest of your time in NUS or maybe even after you graduate. Tips: you will have a huge advantage if you have taken CS1010 prior to this module.

Year 2, Semester 2 and beyond

If you managed to follow my recommended module path, you should be able to take most of the offered module in ST and EC from this point onward. Tips: if the math department offers ST3236, avoid it like a plague, unless your math is imbal.
However, whether you can successfully bid for the module you want is another story. As mentioned previously, be flexible and always have back up plan. If all else fail, go to the department and start crying and begging.

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