Thursday, 25 December 2014

Academic Update AY2014/15 Sem 01

Initially I planned to skip Academic Update for this sem as I am really busy with my internship, but then, I saw a spike in blog visit so I will just do a short update for the past semester to satisfy your curiosity. =P

Did relatively badly compared to the previous semesters. The heck-care attitude is really getting onto me as my CAP is unlikely to drop below 4.5 now (Assuming my FYP can get an A-, I just need an average grade of 2.0 for my remaining 3 mods).

Computer Intensive Statistical Methods
Linear Model
Bayesian Statistics
Macroeconomic Analysis II


The module content have some overlap with ST3247 and ST4234, I would recommend people to take ST3247 first and then do both ST4231 and ST4234 concurrently. For  the first half of the semester, the content is manageable, however, things get more difficult in the second half. Compared to Prof Vik who taught me ST3247, Alexandre Hoang THIERY is weaker in explaining difficult concepts. However, he does upload very detailed tutorial solutions and R codes, studying them will greatly enhance your understanding.  

Midterm mean-median: 46.16-46 (/70)

ST4233 A compulsory module for stats students. Workload is extremely light with only weekly tutorial which consist of a few questions, one graded assignment and finals. The assignment is basically free marks for all, so everything will depends on the finals (which is not difficult, but I screwed it up). Although Zhou Wang spent most of his lecture proving theorems and lemmas, there are not much proving in his Finals.

Assignment mean-median: 96-96 (/100)

This module has an extremely light content, you will probably spend most of the time manipulating some pdf/pmf to get the desired form and identify the distribution. Catching Zhang Jin-Ting's accent can be quite challenging initially, but you will get used to it over time. Overall, he is a decent lecturer. 

 Midterm mean-median: 70-72 (/100)

It was a long time since i last touched macro as I took EC2102 during y1s2, and macro was not my strength to begin with, hence I did not do well for it. It dosnt help that VU Thanhhai is quite week in his explanation and his mid term was really terrible with lots of grammar error and there was a question with double negative.

Midterm mean-median: 21.83-23 (/100)

As usual, if anyone would like to have materials such as lecture notes or tutorials for any of the modules that I have taken before, you may access them through this link: NUS Modules. Do NOTE that, I don't any secret study guide or access to pyp solutions. The file I share will contain only lecture notes, tutorials/ assignment and its solution and maybe some pyp found from the library portal. Hence asking me for the materials towards the end of the semester is kind of pointless. They are meant to be shared with people who would like to read ahead or have a glimpse before they bid for the module.

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