Friday, 1 June 2012

Portfolio - May Updates

My Portfolio:


Quantity Done Price Fees Market Pice Market Value DPU (1Q2012) Realized P/L Unrealized P/L Overall Yield
Starhill Global REIT 4000 S$0.625 S$28.02 S$0.625 S$2500 1.07c $164.80 -$56.04 4.26%
Cache Logistics Trust 3000 S$0.97 S$28.23 S$1.035 S$3105 2.086c $250.54 $138.43 13.11%

Performance compared to STI

STI -6.92%
Starhill Global REIT -4.58%
Cache Logistics Trust 0.00%
Overall -2.10%

Target Entry/Exit
Exit: Starhill Global REIT: S$0.650-S$0.655
Entry: First REIT: S$0.810-S$0.820
Entry: Singtel: S$3.00

1 comment :

  1. Hi dude, I like both your REITs .....especially has potential.
    Very well managed co. Looking at it too.
    All the best.